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My Top 5 Tips on How to Get a Good Deal on J-Fashion Items

The price of everything seems to have gone up making it harder to justify getting that new dress. In this blog, I’ll talk about some of my favorite tips on how I get great deals on my J-Fashion clothes! Shop a least one season ahead An age-old adage, it bears repeating, especially in regards to…

Best Blouses for Bigger Busts

Having trouble finding blouses for bigger busts? In this blog I share some of my favorite brands as well as some of my favorite tips and tricks for styling them!

Why I Love J-Fasion

Recently, I feel like I’ve been fighting a bit of an uphill professional battle. It’s been frustrating, demoralizing, and above all absolutely draining. In an effort to lift my spirits I’ve been refocusing my efforts on pursuits I am deeply passionate about. Work can drain my proverbial battery, so I need to recharge it by…

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