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Welcome to my blog, I’m so happy to have you join me on my adventures!

My name is Didi (short for Dolores), I’m in my 20’s, and I live in the D.C area. Professionally, I work full time in a slightly related field.

Here on my blog you’ll find blogs that focus on my life as a daily J-Fashion girl. That includes anything from my musings on current trends, to home projects I’m working on. The overarching theme of the blog, is me living a cute, classic life!

What does that mean?

For me, living a ‘cute’ life is finding joy in the little things. From buying and using cute stationary, to wearing cute outfits to the gym, it’s finding the ‘pink’ lining to life.

The ‘classic’ part is a focus on a slightly vintage aesthetic. I really enjoy vintage and antique aesthetics, especially the Rococo period. I love combining the ‘traditional’ kawaii aesthetic with a more classic vibe.

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